Combine team building with a targeted training course

Drive Safe, Drive Change

Need to improve connectivity? Co-creative blended and anchoring change and learning processes in association with the House of Change.

Safe driving consists of three aspects: driving attitude in traffic, technique and skill. The JESCO basic car safety course is aimed at companies that want to improve the driving skills of their staff quickly and efficiently. With this one-day road safety training course, you can get a better grip on the direct and indirect costs related to your employees’ mobility. In addition, you will make an important contribution to road safety.  

For any organisation looking for an original activity with direct added value. Team building followed by a training programme.

A personal intake discussion to identify the right formula for an activity with high learning efficiency.

Aimed at the entire population of your organisation. Coached and facilitated by professionals who serve as inspiration, valuable sounding boards and experts during the training course.

Certificates awarded by two independent accredited training centres with combined experience of more than 40 years in the training business.

Put the well-being of your employees at the top of the agenda!

It’s high time to address today’s challenges with a specific initiative.

You can do this by:

You don’t have to do it alone because:

Shared vision of learning

The House of Change has developed an accessible and atypical formula together with Jesco Auto Training School to reconnect organisations and their populations, to get them to work on reconnecting professionally, etc.

‘Sustainable development of the organisation through impactful individual change,’

this is the vision that brought the House of Change and JESCO together.

Driven by the shared desire to help a common client deal with current change-related challenges, we reflected on a new concept in which we bundled our expertise.

Customised formula

A combination or a learning trajectory starting with an inspiring and confrontational skid driving course is naturally one of your options. We will be happy to develop a unique roadmap for you according to your specific goals. Explore our themes and modules to create the ideal trajectory for your organisation:

Practical information

The Drive Safe, Drive Change concept has been developed according to the House of Change’s SILVER© methodology, which it designed and which closely matches that of the Jesco Auto Training School, aimed at maximising learning efficiency. Your trajectory can include the following components:

All workshops are interactive and intuitive as much as possible so that participants learn via the expertise of the coaches and fellow participants.


This training course qualifies for the SME Portfolio.

Net investment with the SME P: from €175 per person excl. VAT

Gross investment: from €250 per person excl. VAT

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JESCO Auto Training School is a Government of Flanders-approved training provider. This means the entire package of driving proficiency training courses was subjected to a comprehensive audit. The fact that we received a positive evaluation is not only an acknowledgement of our unique expertise in the field of road safety – it also means that Flemish SMEs are entitled to a 20-30% grant for our courses. So choose JESCO for your training project in driving safely, intelligently and with situational awareness.