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Investing in a corporate training course in vehicle control pays off. With a JESCO training course, you offer your employees a total package of knowledge and safety, perfectly tailored to the needs of your organisation.

Road safety for everyone

You care about your employees and colleagues. So it’s logical that mobility and road safety are important issues within your company. Depend on us to improve your employees’ driving behaviour with appropriate driving courses. We teach your people optimal vehicle control. In addition, we teach them the right philosophy and attitude to participate safely in road traffic. 

Safer road traffic is important for you, us, your employees, and your loved ones and relatives. Our aim is for everyone to be safe on the road.  

Discover your ideal corporate training course for improved road safety now.  

Car control = Cost control

Traffic jams and road accidents lead to considerable personal suffering. In addition, unsafe driving behaviour causes great economic damage. Give your staff the opportunity to take part in a vehicle control training course. This will give you more control over the costs of your fleet and limit losses caused by staff absences due to road accidents.  

JESCO also has specific training modules to improve the driving skills of van drivers. This means you’ll invest in fewer repair costs and have more timely arrivals. Car Control means Cost Control. 

Have you ever thought about saving on fuel with an Eco-driving course? 

The most popular course

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Driving Essentials

The basis for safe driving Your employees navigate traffic every day, and that is not without risk. With a corporate car safety training course, you offer them a chance to travel safely and with greater awareness. There is such a thing as safe driving.

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Corporate Driving Safety

The Corporate Driving Safety Programme is a three-step driver training programme. The first step is a one-day basic car safety training course. The two subsequent advanced training courses are ideally taken within a period of three to nine months after the basic training course. This allows you to flexibly integrate Corporate Driving Safety into your long-term work schedule.  

Companies benefit from a considerable discount if they sign up for all three courses right from the start. Car safety courses tailored to your company are of course also possible. Grants are available thanks to the SME portfolio. As a result, your investment in road safety and your employees remains affordable. 

Want to know more about Corporate Driving Safety?  

More than a skid driving school

Driving responsibly on the road means more than just mastering control of a car. That’s why we not only teach the right techniques, but also emphasise conscious participation in traffic.  Our education and training courses are a total package. This is why companies that want to contribute to improved and safer mobility choose JESCO as their partner.  

We offer specific solutions adapted to the needs of companies and their employees. ECO-driving, Vehicle Safety for Vans, Commentary Drives, E-training courses and seminars – JESCO can offer your business so much more than skid driving courses.  

Interested in team building and contributing to road safety? Check out our Car Competence Events.  

The SME e-wallet: a grant of up to 30%!

JESCO Auto Training School is a Government of Flanders-approved training provider. This means the entire package of driving proficiency training courses was subjected to a comprehensive audit. The fact that we received a positive evaluation is not only an acknowledgement of our unique expertise in the field of road safety – it also means that Flemish SMEs are entitled to a 20-30% grant for our courses. So choose JESCO for your training project in driving safely, intelligently and with situational awareness.  

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All corporate training courses

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Driving Essentials

The basis for safe driving Your employees navigate traffic every day, and that is not without risk. With a corporate car safety training course, you offer them a chance to travel safely and with greater awareness. There is such a thing as safe driving.

Eco-Driving & E-Driving

Fuel is not cheap and fully electric vehicles do not (yet) match the range of conventional cars. Fuel-conscious driving helps reduce the consumption and cost of company cars and increase their range.

Corporate Driving Safety

Your employees are of vital importance to your company. Arm them against the dangers of everyday traffic and introduce the Corporate Driving Safety training programme in your company. This three-stage safe driving training package protects your crucial investment in human resources.

Seminars & Keynotes

Influencers have become an integral part of our society. Your employees can also be a powerful tool for raising awareness of road safety within your organisation. Awaken the ambassador in your employees and immerse them in road safety.


Road safety deserves permanent attention in your organisation. Integrate safe driving into your social business vision thanks to our accessible online learning platform.

Commentary Drive

Your organisation spends a lot of money on training courses. With Commentary Drive, your company will gain greater insight into your employees’ driving skills and actively contribute to road safety.

Van-Driving Essentials

Your organisation uses utility vehicles (freight transport, <3.5T). This means investing in in-depth training in vehicle control and road traffic safety for your van drivers is the right decision. It helps prevent serious accidents and personal suffering. It also reduces your transport-related overhead costs.

Priority Vehicles

During interventions, your priority vehicle drivers may deviate from the normal road traffic rules under certain conditions. This makes it more difficult for other drivers to predict their driving behaviour. Controlled, defensive driving with greater awareness is the only way to avoid related accidents.

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