General terms and conditions


Our offers and programme proposals are valid from mutual approval. This is the case if an order confirmation from N.V. SCOJE – JESCO Auto Training School follows an order form from the customer or after the lawful signing by both parties of a contract.


Upon reservation, the customer pays a deposit of 40% of the fixed and agreed price. The balance is due within eight days of the invoice date. Payments are always made in EURO. These conditions take precedence over the customer’s payment conditions and apply unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing. In case of non-payment of the deposit, we reserve the right to regard the agreement as dissolved by law and without prior notice of default and entitles N.V. SCOJE – JESCO Auto Training School to damages as provided for in the cancellation clause. In the event of non-payment of the invoice on the due date, interest on arrears of 10% shall be payable ipso jure and without notice of default. Moreover, in the event of late payment, the amount still due will be increased by right and without notice of default by 15% by way of fixed compensation for late payment.


SCOJE – JESCO Auto Training School S.A. reserves the right, without prior notice, to cancel the ongoing reservation if objective elements show that the financial situation of the co-contractor is poor. (Objective elements include, inter alia, appearance in the Official Gazette of protests, adoption of summons to appear in court, and all onerous or executive seizures, as well as any fact of any kind that suggests a clear deterioration of the co-contractor’s financial situation). N.V. SCOJE – JESCO Auto Training School has the option to cancel the sale in the latter case. In the event of insufficient creditworthiness being proven as a result of the above-mentioned objective elements, any claim the seller has against the buyer shall be immediately due and payable.


All invoices for a total amount below €124, excluding VAT, will be increased by a €13 handling fee.


N.V. SCOJE – JESCO Auto Training School is under no circumstances responsible for accidents that occur. The buyer takes cognisance of the fact that the internship involves risks like any other motorised training or education. S.A. SCOJE – JESCO Auto Training School recommends that its customers take out temporary extension of its work accident insurance – or other additional insurance – for the duration of the internship/event. The purchaser undertakes to indemnify SCOJE N.V. – JESCO Auto Training School against such claims.


In case of cancellation of the reservation more than 30 days before the event, the buyer will owe a lump-sum compensation of 15% of the total sale price to N.V. SCOJE – JESCO Auto Training School In case of cancellation within 30 days before the reserved date, a lump-sum compensation of 50 per cent of the total sale price is due to N.V. SCOJE – JESCO Auto Training School For no-shows without telephone notification on the day of your training, no refunds will be made


Voor alle geschillen met betrekking tot de overeenkomst zijn uitsluitend de rechtbanken van Antwerpen bevoegd.