Mike van Hooydonk

Pioneer – Founder

In 1973, more than 47 years ago, Mike “Slip” Van Hooydonk shaped his passion for cars and traffic when he founded JESCO. The name is formed by the first letters of the first names of JEffrey and SCOtt, his 2 sons.

At a time when cars did not have the least passive safety systems or electronic aids such as ABS, ESP, BAS, etc., Mike taught his clients how to control their cars in various realistic emergency situations during their “skid course.” Soon the name Jesco Auto Training School became a household name for every conscious driver and for the many companies that valued road safety of their employees and business associates.

Especially in the last decade, road safety has become a real social issue and we also find it on many political agendas. Jesco Auto Training School actively participates in this positive evolution on a daily basis. We put all our expertise and professional knowledge at the service of every conscious driver and company that wants to actively contribute to safe and intelligent traffic participation.