Michael van Bercklaer


Since childhood, I have been passionate about anything with a handlebar and 4 wheels. When my father took me karting as a young boy of 10, I was immediately bitten by the microbe. Karting became a real passion. My home circuit was Inkart, because I lived +- 10km away, and in the summer it happened regularly that I would take my bike with my brother to come karting. Then when we came to the karting, we saw that there were often activities going on in the back at “the slip school” as well. And that, if anything, fascinated me even more! What those men did with a car, I wanted to be able to do that too. More than that, the instructors behind the wheel of those cars were real heroes to me.

In my student days, I started doing weekend work at Inkart and in the process I was occasionally allowed a taste of “the slip school”: in the evenings, the cars still had to be parked inside the hall at that time, and then the winged words were said, “Michael, will you put the cars inside? Keep it quiet hey”. Of course, I always followed those rules perfectly….
Fast forward just under 15 years. After a failed professional adventure, the time was ripe to pursue an old dream: become a slip school instructor himself.

The mix of driving, fun and imparting knowledge is the ideal Saturday or Sunday relaxation for me after a busy work week! When our clients go home at the end of the day with a big smile ánd the attitude that they are going to change their driving behavior and habits, for me the day is successful.

In addition to my activities at Jesco, I am professionally active as an account manager in the wonderful world of the transition to electric mobility. Last but not least, I am the proud papa of a son and daughter. Hopefully the two will stay away from four wheels and a steering wheel for a while longer although I fear that even there the blood is already creeping where it cannot go!