Cédric Wauters

Driving a car is a passion. The knowledge and experience I have, thanks in part to my background in motorsport, is therefore something I enjoy passing on to others. The biggest reason I love working for Jesco is the fine teaching style used. Motivating and making people experience is the way to want to get […]

Jeremy Counye

Through my position in the automotive industry, I came in contact with JESCO several years ago. My interest and passion in road safety and the desire to make a difference in it led me to the job of freelance instructor. Meeting new people, being able to teach them something and seeing them evolve in safe […]

Chris van der Elst

I have been active at Jesco since 2012 and my activity as a teacher has grown into a more than serious and unique hobby.Working together with Jesco colleagues under the wings of Scott, Thomas, Mike and Dirk, as well as teaching and transferring my knowledge to people from all sorts of backgrounds, always makes this […]

Dimitri van Hecke

Eager to drive is in my blood. My father used to be a car pilot and founded a driving school out of his passion.So a few years after getting my driving licence, I started giving driving lessons myself at his school.I am having a great time. Road safety and motorsport are more than passions for […]

Dino Glazemakers

I am from the Ghent area and have 2 treasured children. Already since 2007, I am proud to be part of the Jesco family! As a passionate instructor, I find it important, in a humorous way, to teach as much as possible to our clients who each actively participate in traffic. Being able to convince […]

Dirk van Hooydonk

I’m Dirk, and I have a passion for cars. I was born in 1965 and grew up in a warm nest. In my first garage, the Matchboxes were next to the Dinky Toys and I shared them with my three younger brothers. On the street, I parked my first Go-cart next to my sister’s tricycle, […]

Glenn Moeyersoms

A passionate lover of motorsports, at a young age I found my happiness on the kart circuit where I enjoyed the adrenaline, speed and competition that it brought. However, this passion has also taught me that safety and responsibility are essential, not only on the track, but also in everyday traffic. The pursuit of riding […]

Ian Reusens

I like working at Jesco because here I can combine my 2 interests/passions namely cars and safety. From a young age I have had an interest in cars and racing so I started karting as a hobby. For my 2nd interest, I spent a 7th year studying Integral Security where I was constantly working on […]

Johan Marien

Through my work with the police and through colleagues, I came in contact with JESCO several years ago. Every day I deal with road safety, and see where the problems are. Thanks to Jesco, I can improve road safety. I am working there as a freelance instructor. Transferring my own and Jesco’s knowledge about traffic […]

Kristof Delcart

It’s great to be able to contribute to Jesco’s success. Working toward long-term driver safety goals by combining practice and evidence. I love seeing participants go through a positive growth curve without overlooking the pleasant atmosphere of a day at Jesco! As Automotive Manager, I am in daily contact with great people who share with […]