Total Driving Control

The complete package: skid and brake control, vehicle control and driving proficiency.

By choosing the integral Total Driving Control learning programme, you can really get to grips with road safety. It is the most complete and cost-effective formula for learning to drive better and safer, step by step.

Your decision not to do things halfway and to choose the JESCO Total Driving Control programme is a good one! In three intensive theory and practical training courses, you’ll learn everything you need to navigate traffic safely, effectively and with greater awareness.

You’ll start with the basic skid and brake control course. During this introduction, you’ll learn how to avoid potentially dangerous situations on the road and train in the proper steering and braking techniques to get out of an emergency situation. The next step in your training programme is vehicle control. You’ll practice skid control in bends, hard braking in difficult and split-ground situations, aquaplaning and steering wheel handling. After this training day, you will fully understand the causes of oversteering and understeering. Finally, you’ll round off your in-depth training with the final driving proficiency course. You’ll perfect your vehicle control and focus on following the ideal line in bends, correctly evaluating braking zones in complex situations and increasing your overall awareness of traffic.

Prepare yourself 100% for today’s traffic hazards and tomorrow’s surprises on the road. Register for the complete Total Driving Control training programme. Why not train together? Get a neighbour, acquaintance or colleague to join you and give a JESCO gift voucher.

Total Driving Control is the most complete driver training programme.

Perfect driving and complete vehicle control can only be mastered through much intensive training under the guidance of experienced instructors. JESCO Total Driving Control is the result of more than 40 years’ experience in driver proficiency training. 

Master full control of your car with JESCO

Total Driving Control or a private course? It’s up to you.

Skid and brake control

The intensive basic course with lots of hands-on training. Learn how to brake and avoid obstacles in a controlled way. You’ll also improve your traffic insight so that you can better recognise potential danger. 

Vehicle Control

During this follow-up course, you’ll increase your control of your vehicle. The emphasis is on a proactive driving attitude and developing the necessary skills to maintain control of your car even in complex traffic situations.  

Driving Proficiency

During this third course, you’ll put the finishing touches on your efforts. You’ll perfect your driving skills and will be evaluated on more than 30 points. This is how you become an expert in safe driving. 

Private course

If you prefer to have the coach all to yourself, opt for a private course. You’ll receive personal coaching that takes your experience into account so that you can drive safely and with confidence.  

Choose Total Driving Control.

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What a GREAT experience. We had booked a full day of skidding and driving proficiency training with the entire Codacious team. Super enthusiastic teachers, efficient and fun…an amazing day for the whole team!

- Stefan Moelants

Did my refresher course with Jesco in Puurs and it was a fantastic day. Very good, friendly, fun instructors who make the great atmosphere complete. I was able to learn a lot in a few hours. In short, an unforgettable and instructive experience!

- Soufiane Echamlali Araouhi

Wonderful experience: in the skidding part you gain important knowledge on how to react in emergency situations and combined with the commentary drive, you also gain insight into your own bad driving habits. It is a very cool experience and it can literally save lives!

- P.B.

A pleasant refresher course; thanks Jesco for the interesting and instructive course!

- Lore Van Asten

This morning’s refresher course was great. The practice was instructive with very friendly and professional guidance from experienced instructors, including a summary before and after of the different factors that influence these tasks and how to neutralise them. There were interactive tasks that certainly made me understand how important braking, keeping your distance, not being distracted, etc. can be. It ended with a very interesting group discussion from which I definitely learned a lot. I will certainly be back!

- Jarne Verbraeken

Really good, instructive experience given by excellent instructors. Highly recommended; do not hesitate to take a course here.