Control traffic hazards.

Learn to drive safely with JESCO!

Vehicle control training with grant opportunities.
Lessons for everyone to learn to drive in a safe and controlled manner.
Team building and incentives for improved road safety.

Driving licence refresher course

At JESCO, you take the compulsory refresher course in the six to nine months after you obtain your B driving licence. This allows you to avoid paying an unnecessary fine and effectively fulfil this legal obligation. 

The JESCO refresher course is close by, conveniently located on the A12 Antwerp-Brussels motorway for drivers from the Mechelen region, the Brussels region, the Antwerp region, the Sint-Niklaas region and anyone living in the vicinity of Puurs, Boom, Londerzeel, Meise or Kapelle op den Bos.

Why choose Jesco?

Mission: optimal road safety

Commitment-based driving proficiency training 

To ensure that all course participants can master a car in a controlled and confident manner, with awareness – that’s the JESCO team mission. We’re all about teaching drivers how to drive more safely. We do this with encouragement and passion, and never patronise. Meet our inspiring team. 


Learn from experts

More than 40 years of automotive training experience  

Mike ‘Skid’ Van Hooydonk founded JESCO Auto Training School in 1973. Mike used ‘skid driving courses’ to teach drivers to improve their vehicle control. Today’s cars are equipped with electronic safety systems and driving aids. JESCO instructors are experts – they know all about ABS, ESP and BAS, and this knowledge is fully integrated into all of our training programmes. 

Discover our Personal Driving Training and Driving Proficiency Courses for companies now. 


More relevant than ever

Improved road safety: a societal priority  

Dangerous situations on the road lead to immeasurable personal suffering every year. In addition, road accidents cause great economic damage. Investing in a vehicle control course means contributing to safe mobility – and that benefits everyone. 

Find free tips and advice on improving your driving skills in the JESCO blog. 


Always up to date

Improve your driving skills with the latest car models 

Passenger cars and commercial vehicles are evolving at an unprecedented pace. Driving hybrid and fully electric cars, for example, calls for specific skills. That is why we are constantly integrating the latest technology into our learning programmes and have the most recent training fleet. As a result, JESCO continues to be a reference driver training programme in Belgium. 

Find out more about our car partner Mercedes-Benz Retail Belgium here. 

What a GREAT experience. We had booked a full day of skidding and driving proficiency training with the entire Codacious team. Super enthusiastic teachers, efficient and fun…an amazing day for the whole team!

- Stefan Moelants

Did my refresher course with Jesco in Puurs and it was a fantastic day. Very good, friendly, fun instructors who make the great atmosphere complete. I was able to learn a lot in a few hours. In short, an unforgettable and instructive experience!

- Soufiane Echamlali Araouhi

Wonderful experience: in the skidding part you gain important knowledge on how to react in emergency situations and combined with the commentary drive, you also gain insight into your own bad driving habits. It is a very cool experience and it can literally save lives!

- P.B.

A pleasant refresher course; thanks Jesco for the interesting and instructive course!

- Lore Van Asten

This morning’s refresher course was great. The practice was instructive with very friendly and professional guidance from experienced instructors, including a summary before and after of the different factors that influence these tasks and how to neutralise them. There were interactive tasks that certainly made me understand how important braking, keeping your distance, not being distracted, etc. can be. It ended with a very interesting group discussion from which I definitely learned a lot. I will certainly be back!

- Jarne Verbraeken

Really good, instructive experience given by excellent instructors. Highly recommended; do not hesitate to take a course here.



Dennis Geeurickx


Thomas Rummens

Master Chief Instructeur

Ian Reusens


Chris van der Elst




Dino Glazemans


Jeremy Counye


Gerd Christiaens


Dimitri van Hecke


Kristof Delcart


Mike van Hooydonk

Pionier - Founder

Dirk van Hooydonk

Managing Director

Timothy Bleeckx


Scott van Hooydonk

Senior instructeur

Michael van Bercklaer