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Influencers have become an integral part of our society. Your employees can also be a powerful tool for raising awareness of road safety within your organisation. Awaken the ambassador in your employees and immerse them in road safety.

If you want to contribute to reducing the number of traffic accidents, encouraging the necessary commitment among your staff requires compelling and inspiring speakers. Rely on JESCO’s road safety experts to organise your company seminar or keynote presentation on responsible driving. Fascinating explanations illustrated with real-life experiences will help your employees understand the dangers of the road. After a JESCO road safety talk, they’ll understand better than anyone how important it is to drive with greater awareness and control. They’ll disseminate this important message in their work environment and far beyond.  

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Goodbye road menace, hello ‘road safety ambassador’.
From now on, your company will send out the right message.

Jesco-road Safety Talks


Every organisation is different. We determine the concept, themes and tone of voice of the seminar or keynote according to your corporate culture and target group. The aim is to address your employees in an impactful manner with content and structure that suits their living and working environment. To achieve this, we can compile a customised proposal for you. Tell us about your idea on 03/866.16.66 or request more information about JESCO road safety talks  

Ideas for topics 

New (unsafe) safety systems

Ever seen an anti-collision system LIVE? What is ESP? Why might BSM (Blind Spot Monitoring) be of interest to you? HUD is an absolute must – do you know why? Did you know that rear view cameras also have other useful features?  

The ideal topic for making safety equipment in modern cars understandable and accessible within your company. 

Speed and distance 

Driving at 30 km/h is 98% safe – do you really lose a lot of time doing so? In built-up areas you are allowed to drive 50 km/h – does it make that much difference if you drive 60? How many metres do you cover in one second when driving 120 km/h and what is the average driver reaction time? Why and how to keep a safe distance. 

Everyone likes to arrive at their destination on time. That’s the focus of this talk, especially arriving ‘tout court’. 

Driving in rush hour 

You can only navigate rush hour traffic safely if you are relaxed and stress-free behind the wheel. How do you do that? How do you remain so if things unexpectedly slow down? How do you stay attentive and how do you deal with aggressive driving? What can you do to contribute to a safe and smooth flow of traffic? 

This presentation will not solve the problem of traffic jams, but learning how to handle them does make a big difference for those who travel by car every day. 

Even more ideas 

– Field of vision and blind spots 
– The four killers on the road: No seat belt, inappropriate speed, focus and mobile phone use, and driving under the influence of drink or drugs. 
– Defensive driving 
– Driving safely on slippery roads, ideal in preparation for autumn and winter 
– Etc. 

JESCO road safety talks help you embed road safety in your organisation’s DNA. We will be glad to answer your questions in person on 03/866.16.66 or to provide you with a customised proposal for a seminar or keynote.  An inspiring JESCO talk on safe driving is also a perfect complement to our Corporate Driving Safety training package.   

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JESCO Auto Training School is a Government of Flanders-approved training provider. This means the entire package of driving proficiency training courses was subjected to a comprehensive audit. The fact that we received a positive evaluation is not only an acknowledgement of our unique expertise in the field of road safety – it also means that Flemish SMEs are entitled to a 20-30% grant for our courses. So choose JESCO for your training project in driving safely, intelligently and with situational awareness.  

What a GREAT experience. We had booked a full day of skidding and driving proficiency training with the entire Codacious team. Super enthusiastic teachers, efficient and fun…an amazing day for the whole team!

- Stefan Moelants

Did my refresher course with Jesco in Puurs and it was a fantastic day. Very good, friendly, fun instructors who make the great atmosphere complete. I was able to learn a lot in a few hours. In short, an unforgettable and instructive experience!

- Soufiane Echamlali Araouhi