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Road safety deserves permanent attention in your organisation. Integrate safe driving into your social business vision thanks to our accessible online learning platform.

The JESCO Corporate Driving Safety training programme is the ideal formula for companies that want to quickly train their employees using a structured approach to become safe drivers with greater awareness. This corporate training programme consists of three day courses and it can be extended with stand-alone specific training modules.

Corporate Driving Safety

Comprehensive programme

Car safety for companies


Add-on / Stand-alone

Raising and increasing awareness


Add-on / Stand-alone

Driving ecologically, safely and further

Vehicle Safety for Vans

Add-on / Stand-alone

Van driver training course

Commentary Drive

Add-on / Stand-alone

Coaching and Evaluation

Car safety

Add-on / Stand-alone

Basic training course


Add-on / Stand-alone

Continuous training

Car competence events

Add-on / Stand-alone

Team building and driver training

In addition to targeted training courses, your organisation can also opt for continuous training via E-learning. By giving employees access to the highly accessible JESCO online learning platform, you can make a significant contribution to reducing occupational accidents. After all, traffic accidents account for 50% of all fatal occupational accidents. In other words, with E-training you make an important social contribution and your investment in road safety training also helps prevent significant and unforeseen business expenses. According to the VIAS institute, the cost to companies in the event of an accident resulting in permanent incapacity for work can be up to EUR 86,000, not taking into account the great human suffering caused by it. It is even worse in the case of a fatal accident. The impact on your organisation will be significant, in addition to the financial cost of EUR 400,000.

Integrate continuous training to increase awareness of road safety within your company. Request your E-training demo now.

Safe driving through continuous road safety training. Digital learning makes continuous driver training accessible.

E-training platform & topics


  • Device independent. E-training is accessible via smartphone, computer or tablet.
  • Informative content and clips with questions about road safety
  • Built-in reporting tool. Progress monitoring based on questionnaires and scoring allows you to follow the individual progress of your participants.
  • Push possibilities. As an employer, you can distribute targeted additional road safety messages via the E-training platform and respond to recent traffic-related events within your company.

Here’s a selection of JESCO E-training topics:

  • The ideal sitting position in the car
  • Proper steering
  • Keeping a distance saves lives.
  • Impact speed: does 50 or 60 km/h make that much difference?
  • Preventing rear-end collisions through degressive braking.
  • Difference in speed, relative speed.
  • Driving in rush hour
  • Looking and seeing. The field of vision and how to stay focused.
  • Parking and manoeuvring.
  • Distractions in traffic and tips for driving with greater awareness.
  • Seeing and being seen. Visibility on the road.
  • Driving ecologically and economically.
  • How to extend the driving range of electric and hybrid cars.
  • Haste and speed. Driving with less stress.

The basic idea behind the full package of JESCO corporate road safety training courses is Drive and Think. By this we mean first and foremost that safe driving requires a great deal of practical steps and training. With the comprehensive Corporate Driving Safety programme and the more specific complementary modules, we provide you everything you need to fully cover the ‘Driving’ theme. With E-training you can also give substance to the second part, ‘Think’. Take a quick look at the online learning platform and request your E-training demo. An effective digital learning platform always involves customisation. Contact us on 03/866.16.66 and we will make you a customised proposal. 

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JESCO Auto Training School is a Government of Flanders-approved training provider. This means the entire package of driving proficiency training courses was subjected to a comprehensive audit. The fact that we received a positive evaluation is not only an acknowledgement of our unique expertise in the field of road safety – it also means that Flemish SMEs are entitled to a 20-30% grant for our courses. So choose JESCO for your training project in driving safely, intelligently and with situational awareness.  

What a GREAT experience. We had booked a full day of skidding and driving proficiency training with the entire Codacious team. Super enthusiastic teachers, efficient and fun…an amazing day for the whole team!

- Stefan Moelants

Did my refresher course with Jesco in Puurs and it was a fantastic day. Very good, friendly, fun instructors who make the great atmosphere complete. I was able to learn a lot in a few hours. In short, an unforgettable and instructive experience!

- Soufiane Echamlali Araouhi