The basis for safe driving

Driving Essentials

Your employees navigate traffic every day, and that is not without risk. With a corporate car safety training course, you offer them a chance to travel safely and with greater awareness.

Safe driving consists of three aspects: driving attitude in traffic, technique and skill. The JESCO basic car safety course is aimed at companies that want to improve the driving skills of their staff quickly and efficiently. With this one-day road safety training course, you can get a better grip on the direct and indirect costs related to your employees’ mobility. In addition, you will make an important contribution to road safety.  

The intensive car safety course is more than just a skid driving course. It is the indispensable driver training course for companies.

The basic car safety course is designed to give your employees greater insight into complex traffic situations. They also learn how to avoid potentially dangerous situations on the road. The training course is a practical course and includes specific exercises to teach participants proper steering and braking techniques. It enables them to acquire the right skills to escape emergency situations with full control of the car. 

Begin your road safety initiative today and call us on 03/866.16.66 or request your customised quotation now. Thanks to the SME portfolio, you may be eligible for a grant of up to 30%. 

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Car Control = Cost Control.
Employees who drive with awareness and intelligence are involved in fewer accidents.
This also prevents great personal suffering.

Corporate car safety programme

Schedule: 8:45 to 16:45, lunch on site included
Location: JESCO Auto Training School, Ooievaarsnest 33, 2870 Puurs-Sint-Amands.
Located alongside the A12 Antwerp-Brussels at Boom.

Car Safety


This course is an intensive training course that focuses on gaining insight into traffic and vehicle control. The knowledge acquired can be immediately applied in practice. 


Stay out of trouble

Concise interactive theory session on avoiding dangerous situations. We show instructional videos that demonstrate why a defensive driving style is important for preventing accidents.


Get out of trouble

At the wheel of a recent model Mercedes, your participants will learn the correct techniques for avoiding obstacles in emergency situations and for braking hard in a controlled manner. 


Train reflexes

A person’s average reaction time is one second. We train your employees in developing constant interaction between the eyes, brain, hands and feet. It allows them to react automatically and appropriately to impending danger on the road. 

Praktische oefeningen


The JESCO training site was specially designed to improve driving skills in safe conditions. The schedule includes avoidance exercises with skid control, emergency braking technique, braking and avoidance, preventative braking technique and aquaplaning! 

Commentary drive


Your employees drive a short selective route accompanied by a JESCO instructor. The JESCO Cam and computer analysis are used in this exercise. Everyone is subsequently evaluated with regard to their integration in traffic, driving ability and preventive and anticipatory driving.

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JESCO Auto Training School is a Government of Flanders-approved training provider. This means the entire package of driving proficiency training courses was subjected to a comprehensive audit. The fact that we received a positive evaluation is not only an acknowledgement of our unique expertise in the field of road safety – it also means that Flemish SMEs are entitled to a 20-30% grant for our courses. So choose JESCO for your training project in driving safely, intelligently and with situational awareness.