Comprehensive corporate road safety training course

Corporate Driving Safety

Your employees are of vital importance to your company. Arm them against the dangers of everyday traffic and introduce the Corporate Driving Safety training programme in your company. This three-stage safe driving training package protects your crucial investment in human resources.

Corporate Driving Safety is a three-part safe driving course developed especially for professional organisations. We understand that flexibility in work planning is important, so we created three complementary stages in which we improve your participants’ driving skills and traffic awareness step by step. The one-day driver training courses do not have to be taken consecutively, which means that you can easily integrate this training programme into your work schedule.

There are three training modules: Car Safety, Vehicle Control and Driving Skills. Each session builds on driving experience gained previously. Request your corporate quotation for the Corporate Driving Safety training programme now or call us on 03/866.16.66

Driving Essentials - Car Control - Driving Skills

 In three fundamental training courses to improve and increase the awareness of your employees on the road

Module 1: Driving Essentials

During the one-day course on CAR SAFETY, we lay the foundations for driving a car safely and with greater awareness. The focus is on ‘road sense’ (staying out of trouble) and ‘car sense’ (getting out of trouble).  

Road sense is a concise interactive theory session on avoiding dangerous situations. We show instructional videos that demonstrate why a defensive driving style is important for preventing accidents. As part of ‘car sense’, your participants will learn the correct techniques for avoiding obstacles in emergency situations and for braking hard in a controlled manner, at the wheel of a recent model Mercedes. Even more than the classic skid driving course, this course aims to have a major impact on improving the driving behaviour of drivers and teaching them proper steering and braking techniques. This introductory course can also be booked separately; more information can be found here. 

Module 2: Car Control

The key concepts of the advanced training in VEHICLE CONTROL are ‘Danger Awareness’ and ‘Auto Reaction’.  

Danger Awareness is designed to make participants more aware of possible dangers on the road using real examples. In doing so, we look at aquaplaning and the four different forms of slippery conditions caused by water. We also explain oversteering and understeering, and during the hands-on training course the students experience what these road dangers mean in practice. In the Auto Reaction section, they learn how to react appropriately and with the right reflexes to these emergency situations. This advanced driver training programme includes skid control exercises in bends, split-ground braking exercises, steering wheel handling and aquaplaning simulations. You should ideally plan this follow-up course within three to nine months after starting the Corporate Driving Safety training programme.

Module 3: Driving Proficiency

DRIVING PROFICIENCY rounds off the main corporate road safety training programme. ‘Optimal Brain Presence’ and ‘Car Mastership’ are the main themes of this training day, which we conclude with a ‘Commentary Drive’. 

Optimal Brain Presence focuses on conscious and attentive driving. Why do some drivers stop breathing in an emergency and how do you avoid it? It is important that learning automatic reactions does not lead to driving without focus. That is why we take to the public roads for Car Mastership. The aim is to achieve perfect driving behaviour and vehicle control in real-life situations. During the practical exercise, we teach participants to observe more effectively. This helps them to detect potential danger more quickly, to flawlessly recognise the three zones in a bend and to evaluate braking zones more accurately. This results in defensive driving behaviour, situation-dependent progressive or degressive braking and the correct approach to bends: fluid, medium or slow, while identifying the perfect line. We conclude with the intensive Commentary Drive, a constructive evaluation of your employees’ driving proficiency. We drive a precisely mapped out route and record their driving skills with the JESCO Cam. This is followed by a software-assisted analysis of the recordings. During this discussion, we provide them with a few more specific tips. From now on, your employees will go out on the road safely, with greater awareness and insight.  

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What a GREAT experience. We had booked a full day of skidding and driving proficiency training with the entire Codacious team. Super enthusiastic teachers, efficient and fun…an amazing day for the whole team!

- Stefan Moelants

Did my refresher course with Jesco in Puurs and it was a fantastic day. Very good, friendly, fun instructors who make the great atmosphere complete. I was able to learn a lot in a few hours. In short, an unforgettable and instructive experience!

- Soufiane Echamlali Araouhi